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This is your portal to everything we have collected about the Marine Corps.

We have collected interesting information on several topics that we hope you will be able to use. In the course of looking for all of this information, it is entirely possible that we may have inadvertently posted information that is either out of date or incorrect. Please let us know and we will get it corrected. Please provide a source though so that we can verify anything that may be incorrect.


Recruit & Boot camp Info

Find a Recruiter
Boot camp Basics
Boot camp Tips
After Boot camp

Marine Corps Facts & Knowledge

Marine Corps Facts
Military Pay Charts
Marine Corps MOS (job descriptions)
Marine Corps Rank Structure
Marine Corps Bases
Marine Corps Units
Appropriate Wear of Uniform
Code of Conduct
11General Orders
DOD Threatcon Definitions
Phonetic Alphabet
Marine Corps Cadences
Marine Corps Creeds
Jarhead Jargon
Marines Hymn
Marines Prayer

Marine Corps Living

Leave and Liberty
PCS Information

Marine Corps Conflicts

List of all conflicts the Marine Corps has participated in along with timeline of events.

Marine Corps History

Commandants of the Marine Corps
Sergeants Major of the Marine Corps
Customs & Traditions
History of the Marine Corps
Legends of the Marine Corps
Marine Corps Hero's
This Day in Marine Corps History
Jane Wayne Day
Jarhead Drinks & Recipes

Awards & Medals

In this section we will list all Marine Corps Medals and Ribbons along with pictures and history information as we find it.

Miscellaneous Information

Marine Corps Quotes
222 Reasons to love the Marine Corps
Famous Marines








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